Interval training on a stationary …

//Interval training on a stationary …

Interval training on a stationary …


Interval training on a stationary bike: the Little-Gibala method – – a project that combines.

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Interval training on a stationary bike is good for several reasons. First, “great” in fitness clubs is less popular than an ellipse and a treadmill – you won’t have to wait in line. Secondly, it is safe for joints. But the effect is excellent. If only to hold it correctly.

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Interval training on a stationary bike is good for several reasons. First, “great” in fitness clubs is less popular than an ellipse and a treadmill – you won’t have to wait in line. Secondly, it is safe for joints. But the effect is excellent. If only to carry it out correctly. Many of us underestimate the possibilities of the exercise bike. It seems that doing it is not enough energy, and calories – because the weight of the upper body bears the saddle. “However, anyone who has attended cycling lessons at a fitness club knows that this is a very decent amount of work,” says Anastasia Yatsyna, a fitness expert and certified instructor for AALO Cycling (Netherlands) and Schwinn Cycling (USA). – The whole question is how you use the exercise bike: pedal lazily, in the gym – looking at other athletes, and at home – staring at the TV. Or try to “accelerate” to the maximum.

Interval training stationary bike

One Sustanon buy in the online sports nutrition store – Purple Supremacy of the most famous interval training sessions is the exercise on a stationary bike using the Little-Gibal method. Scientists instruct us to vigorously pedal for 60 seconds, then 75 seconds to rest, reducing the intensity of the load by half, and again increase the pace. According to their observations, by performing 8–12 such cycles per workout and conducting cycling lessons three times a week, one can improve the physical form as quickly as possible.

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“However, I would not steroid forums where to buy online recommend such an“ interval ”to newcomers or those who return to fitness after the break, says Anastasia Yatsyna. – It is, rather, for a trained fitness man – one who regularly trains at least a couple of months. And even in this case, I advise you not to recklessly rely on the scheme prescribed by Little-Gibal, but to adapt it in view of your physical fitness. ”

says Anastasia Yatsyna

Interval training on a stationary bike: how to line up * Determine the training pulse zones. “When it comes to interval load, it makes sense to focus on the pulse,” insists Anastasia Yatsyna. – The rest of the idea of ​​»intensive» and «weak» load is subjective and very conditional. You can underestimate her and just can not stand it. Or overestimate and not benefit from it. In order not to be mistaken, calculate your maximum heart rate (using the formula 220 minus age). During intensive work, your heart rate (HR) should be in the range of 70-80% of the maximum, while during rest it should be about 50% of it. ” Buy a heart rate monitor and focus on his testimony.

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* To increase the load and go to intensive work, increase the resistance or speed. The first method is more suitable for well-trained athletes and allows you to work out the muscles of the legs. The second can be recommended to those who are weaker. “In this case, the resistance must be dropped, but not to zero,” says Anastasia Yatsyna. – To adjust the load, first completely unscrew it to “idle”, then add until you feel a slight grip. It is with this clutch that you will pedal as fast as possible, catching the pulse to high. And rest – with a little more resistance. «

* Listen to yourself. Target pulse rates are not a reason to catch up with the heart rate before them. “If you exhale quickly, pedaling with a heart rate of 70% of the maximum value, do not raise it even higher, up to 80%,” says Anastasia Yatsyna.

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* Vary the time of intensive work and rest. Is it difficult to withstand 60 seconds of intense load? Reduce this interval to 30-40 seconds. Lacked 75 seconds of rest to restore breathing, increase this time by another 15-20 seconds. Start the next dash only when you are ready for it. But the number of cycles (8-12) is best left unchanged.

training stationary bike

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How, by the way, and in the event that intensive training on the exercise bike seems to you too easy. The expert does not advise in this case to further increase the load, further increasing the pulse, reducing the rest time and increasing the duration of high-speed jerks. “You are getting quite enough of the load according to the Little-Gibal scheme,” emphasizes Anastasia Yatsyna. – Just prepared well. In this case, it is better to include other interval training in your training schedule, for example, on an ellipse or a treadmill. ”

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How to prepare for an interval workout exercise bike In order to conduct a session with maximum benefit and do no harm to yourself, adjust with the exercise bike:

* The height of the saddle. Come and stand to him sideways: it should be at the level of your ilium.

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* Steering wheel height. Advanced cyclists can lower it to the level of the saddle. Beginners – lift 5 cm relative to the saddle. “It is common for beginners to fall on the steering wheel, instead of, as expected, transfer body weight to the saddle,” says Anastasia Yatsyna. “When the steering wheel is up, it’s harder to do.

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* The distance from the steering wheel to the saddle. Use your fingers to touch the steering wheel edge to the saddle. At the same time, the elbow should be near the What is bodybuilding. The benefits and harms of bodybuilding point of the saddle nearest to the steering wheel.

Interval training on a stationary bike: how to dress. Occasionally the lesson will be intense, even if you are at home, equip yourself as in a fitness club: T-shirt or T-shirt, tight pants or shorts. On the feet – sneakers with hard soles and no slippers or flip-flops.

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Follow these rules, and intensive training on the exercise bike will help you strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system, significantly improve your physical fitness.

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