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Integrated Management System



Based on the Metis philosophy, we protect without making ourselves felt.



From the Metis thought, we contribute with society’s desire to achieve tranquility.

Corporate Value

Corporate Value:


Framed in the «METIS Philosophy», it is the policy of ISVI Ltda:

  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of protection and safety of its clients in the protection of lives and heritage, prevent their connection and / or use in illicit purposes, complying with current legal regulations and organizational requirements, in pursuit of continuous improvement with standards of best practices.
  • Generate adequate conditions in work centers through the implementation of quality management systems, safety and health at work, environment and safety and control, aimed at preventing accidents and occupational diseases and negative environmental impacts.
  • Strengthen competencies of our human talent that contribute to the quality of life and moral, physical and psychological integrity through welfare programs and training, including respect and promotion of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Voluntary Principles, fostering thinking about risks.
  • Develop the business practice within an ethical and social responsibility framework that contributes to the development of the communities related to our operation, in conjunction with the administration of contractors and suppliers.

This policy involves the commitment of all the personnel at the head of the top management who will provide the human, physical, logistical, technical and financial means to achieve it.


ISVI LTDA develops and maintains activities to promote and prevent vehicular accidents in the development of its activities and in order to comply with current regulations on road safety, it undertakes to:

  • Raise awareness among all administrative and operative personnel regarding compliance with road safety regulations, traffic signs, reports of unsafe conditions and damage to equipment.
  • Ensure the integral care of the vehicle and the client’s own assets.
  • Promote good habits of courtesy and respect for drivers and other actors on the road.
  • Permanently monitor the responsibilities of our contractors in terms of corrective and preventive maintenance of the vehicle fleet, to develop the inspection program and to guarantee optimum conditions for the operation.
  • Have qualified personnel to operate the vehicle fleet through knowledge and application of policies in health, safety, environment and prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances, alcohol, tobacco and other addictions, with training and training in road safety activities and preventive management.


Within the framework of the principle of sustainable development, ISVI LTDA considers Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, as an integral part of our business strategy.

  • Identify and work with all Stakeholders, building and maintaining relationships of mutual respect and trust.
  • Participate and contribute effectively in the improvement of the quality of life of our employees, their families and neighboring communities, linking in development processes to clients, suppliers, contractors, authorities and the community in general.
  • Promote and encourage the participation of employees in volunteering practices with neighboring communities that promote solidarity and value for the local Culture.
    Report to the different Stakeholders on the results of the management and consider their suggestions for future actions.
  • This Policy is an important element of the way of doing business and guides our decisions and actions.
  • It has to be integrated into business activities and applied in all our areas of influence, responding effectively to the needs of its residents.


ISVI LTDA is committed to preventing, correcting and punishing any form of conduct aimed at causing an injury or physical, psychological or moral damage, such as workplace harassment and its modalities, assaults, harassment, threatening behavior, violence in the workplace, negative psychosocial risk for health; and in general, any outrage to human dignity that threatens the integrity and life of its employees, in the labor context within the current legal framework (Law 1010 of 2006, Res. 652 of 2012, Res. 1356 of 2012, Res 2646 of 2008), the work regulations and other standards or standards that are adopted voluntarily.

Senior management will promote a culture of nonviolence, ensure the promotion of a healthy and responsible work environment, preserve good relationships and a satisfactory work environment, entrusting the members of the Work Coexistence Committee with the responsibility and suitability of dealing with cases for workplace harassment with due opportunity, ethics and confidentiality; as well as recommend preventive and corrective measures of risk factors associated with coexistence that may generate any form of violence at work.


  • It is the commitment of ISVI LTDA., To conserve and protect the health of its employees, maintaining optimum levels of security in the work areas.
  • The company is aware that alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, and addictions generated substances, activities or relationships that cause satisfaction people have adverse effects on the ability to function properly and seriously affect the safety, efficiency and productivity of the collaborators and the company in general.
  • The misuse of prescription drugs or use, possession, distribution or sale of controlled drugs not prescribed or hallucinogens, narcotics or generate dependence, job functions, and within facilities or vehicles Company or service it , is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination of the employment contract.
  • Presenting oneself to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or hallucinogenic, enervating substances or substances that create dependency is expressly prohibited and constitutes just cause to terminate the employment relationship.
  • The possession, use, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages, in Company facilities, is not allowed unless previously authorized by the Management.
  • In ISVI Ltda, it is totally FORBIDDEN to smoke in the communal areas and within the transport vehicles assigned to the company, since it affects the health of all the people that make up the work environment, for this purpose the management will establish areas where smoking is allowed .
  • The provisions and clarifications set forth in this Policy are applicable and extensive to suppliers, contractors and visitors, who are under the supervision or on mission for ISVI LTDA services.


ISVI LTDA., Authorizes the carrying of weapons to personnel who are in service. It is totally PROHIBITED THE PORTE AND USE OF WEAPONS to WORKERS AND VISITORS within the facilities of the company, for constituting a threat against the health of the people. The management establishes the armerillos where the armament is kept safely.


  • Protect the health of all employees and visitors within the company’s facilities.
  • Maintain a safe level of work.
  • Avoid legal problems.


  • All employees and visitors of the company must comply with this policy.
  • Management will socialize this policy to all personnel.
  • Inform the immediate superior of any anomaly and concern.
  • The company, through its HSEQ department, organizes prevention campaigns permanently.
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