Security Services

Specializing in hydrocarbon, pharmaceutical, government, entertainment and more.


Private security

We execute private security schemes according to your needs to prevent risks that may arise in your company.

Surveillance systems

We implement surveillance systems to support operational personnel and thus provide an immediate response to any inconvenience that may arise.

Security Studies

Our CPP personnel conduct security studies of potential threats that may endanger your company.


“We have 35 years of experience, training and working with communities in high-risk situations throughout the country.

In addition, our win-win policy allows us to establish a balance between the value of the threatened asset or person, the potential danger that affects it and the investment in protection it needs.”

What we offer

Protection and security of people

With our service of trained and competent Bodyguards who act efficiently in situations of danger and threat, we manage and adopt prevention, security and surveillance processes for executives and individuals in the event of risks that may arise.

Comprehensive Surveillance

Trained personnel in asset and infrastructure protection with certified biosecurity protocols.

Advisory and consulting services in physical and personal security

This service ervice includes the study, detailed analysis, risk management, cybersecurity oriented threats and vulnerabilities that affect business continuity and organizational resilience. The study, detailed analysis, risk management, cybersecurity oriented threats and vulnerabilities that affect business continuity and organizational resilience. 

Security Studies

The security study consists on the identification, analysis and treatment of the risks to which people, facilities and projects are exposed.

Security research and reliability

Service offered to Companies and individuals with personalized and immediate attention to clients in: Polygraph and VSA, LAFT/COSO/SIPLAFT, Compliance, Due Diligence, Workplace Violence and Security Incidents (broad spectrum).

Security Audits

Through analysis in aspects of security, protection, surveillance and information security, a report of actions, recommendations and suggestions to be taken into account to improve each of the security processes is delivered to customers.

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Cor. (r)
Luis Enrique La Rotta B.


Colonel (RA) Luis Enrique La Rotta B., CPP-CPO, creator of the STASI Security System. Civil Engineer, consultant and advisor in private security for more than 37 years.

Professor of Senior Management in Security. Senator (No. 3706) of the Junior Chamber International – JCI.

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We are a leading private security company in Bogotá, Colombia that provides surveillance services ensuring the safety of our customers.


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